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Clone a Willy – How to Make a Clone of Your Penis

The clone a willy kit uses algae-based molding powder to create a mold of your erect penis (and balls, if you get the Clone A Willy Plus Balls Kit). You then pour in body-safe silicone and wait for it to set.

The kits come with a vibrator, which you insert into the silicone while it’s still liquid. It’s also Vac-U-Lock plug compatible, so you can remove the vibrator once your replica is done.

1. Mixing the Alginate

The Clone-A-Willy is a unique and fun way to get an exact duplicate of your peen. It’s easy to use, comes in 2 glow-in-the-dark options and retails at a cheap price.

This particular kit from Empire Labs includes a bag of algae-based molding powder to mix with warm water, a spatula, thermometer for getting the water temperature right and a set of instructions. It also has a tube for the mold and enough body-safe silicone to make one cloned cock. This pint-sized kit is perfect for a beginner and is a great way to try out dildo casting without spending a fortune.

The alginate needs to be mixed in a well-lit, warm room so that the liquid doesn’t start solidifying too soon. It’s important to stir the mixture as thoroughly as possible so that there aren’t any lumps. If there are any bumps in the alginate, that could cause issues when making a mold. It’s also very important to get an erection and keep it erect as long as possible while the alginate sets.

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Many people like to clone their own penises because they can have a more personal sex toy. It’s also a popular way for couples in long-distance relationships to have access to each other’s love-makers without having to travel. Others use it for oral stimulation or as a more personal means of double-penetration — the real thing goes in one orifice and the clone goes in another.

2. Inserting the Penis

This step is probably the most difficult as it requires the clone a willy user to maintain an erection for the two minutes required for the molding mix to take a proper impression of his penis. It also requires patience as the mold needs 4-8 hours to fully cure and develop full detail.

If the user is unable to sustain an erection for this length of time, it may be possible to use the sex toy by pushing it inward from outside the vagina, but that will require some skill as it can lead to a painful experience. The best option is to allow the mold to fully cure before trying to insert it into the vagina or vaginal lips (vulva).

This kit was created by Empire Labs, who are renowned for their side-splitting novelty items. It is the original penis casting kit that helps users create a replica of their own genitalia in vibrating silicone form. The kit comes with a tube for the mold, a set of instructions, 2 pots of fluid to mix with warm water, and a bullet-style vibrator that can be inserted into the replica dildo.

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The dildo that is produced by this casting kit can be used to insert into the vagina of the clone a willy owner or can be given to a lover or friend as a gift. This dildo is very durable and can handle many types of lubrication. It is also easy to clean, just wash with warm soapy water.

3. Waiting for the Alginate to Set

The molding material used in the Clone-a-Willy kit is called alginate. It’s a natural polymer derived from brown seaweeds that is commonly used by dentists to produce highly detailed impressions of teeth. It’s completely safe and carries none of the health risks associated with plaster of paris. It’s also far more efficient for molding, and the molds produced by this kit are reusable and can be used to make a variety of dildo shapes.

This kit (which I purchased from UberKinky, a sex and kink toy store that offers UK delivery) also includes a set of instructions, a tube for the mold, 2 pots of liquid silicone that you mix with the alginate, a thermometer to get the water temperature right, a spatula, a cardboard piece to hold the bullet vibrator in place during the silicone curing process, and a sachet of powder to add to the silicone to make it glow in the dark. I opted for the glow-in-the-dark option, which was a nice touch to add an extra element of sexual fantasy to the whole process.

The first mold I made came out pretty well, except for a bit of bumpiness from a little air bubble that formed near the tip of my penis. Luckily, the instructions said that these imperfections were normal, so I just had to wait a few hours for the silicone to set.

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4. Cleanup

After you’ve successfully made your clone, it’s time to clean up. Make sure you have a hard yet smooth work surface and a lot of paper towels nearby – this process is bound to get your hands dirty, and there will be plenty of mess to clean up afterwards.

It’s also a good idea to bring something to put the silicone in, like a disposable bowl, measuring cup and scissors. The instructions for your particular dildo kit will tell you how much water to add and at what temperature it needs to be, so make sure to have a thermometer on hand as well.

The cloned penis can be used in many different ways, and is especially popular for long-distance couples who want to enjoy each other’s company even when they can’t physically be together. Some people also use them for double-penetration, inserting their partner’s real penis into one orifice and the cloned version into another to feel them.

If you’re looking for a way to heighten the experience, consider using the Vac-U-Lock handle, which allows you to control where the silicone goes, making it easier to get your clone into the right place the first time. And, if you decide that you don’t like your clone after it has set, it’s easy to remove and try again – just remember that you can’t make more than one at a time!