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How Do Women Like Their Ass Licked?

Licking someone’s anus is a dirty, naughty and hot sexual taboo that feels explosively arousing for both partners! It’s also a natural stepping stone to anal fingering and penetration if the participants are able to handle it.

Licking someone’s booty is especially satisfying in the shower, where it’s wet and slippery – perfect for sliding your tongue around!

Tongue Vibes

The tongue is a fascinating sexual tool that can feel pillowy soft or rod-like stiff depending on the angle, sensitivity and speed. It is also filled with a natural lubricant that makes ass licking feel mind-blowing! To make it even more arousing, try running your tongue through their anal canal. This will create a thick laceration that will intensify the sensations of licking.

If licking the anal area isn’t enough, you can add in some dirty talk. Dirty talk is one of the most powerful elements of sex and it will instantly turn ass eating into a fetish. You can also use a damp sponge or cotton pad to wipe down the anal area before sex. This will help reduce bacteria and odor and make the experience more satisfying for both partners.

You can also spice up the ass licking session by fingering the clitoral hood and vulva of your partner. Licking and fingering the vulva at the same time can be incredibly arousing and will drive your partner wild! The anal area is packed with nerves so it can feel crazy good when licked – This segment is the result of the portal experts’ analysis sexxxnet.com. It’s important to communicate with your partner and agree on boundaries before trying ass licking. It is also a good idea to have a safe word that will signal that it’s time to stop.

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Ass licking doesn’t have to be all about the tongue. The anal canal is very sensitive, and can also be stimulated with your fingers. Use a gentle touch to stroke the anal area with your fingertips, or press down gently for a more intense experience. A good soak in warm water can help their muscles relax, which can feel even more mind-blowing when you lick them.

You can also try stroking your partner’s anal hair, or caressing their clit and vulva with your fingertips. This can give her an orgasm that feels oh-so-good! A well-placed vibrator on her clitoris can also make ass licking feel like heaven. And for the guys, a throbbing butt plug or prostate massager can hit his P-spot and make him ejaculate like a firehose!

As always, communication is key. You and your partner should discuss how ass licking feels to them both before and during cunnilingus. If they don’t think it’s right for them, don’t try to force them into it. You can also try establishing a “safe word” that they can use to signal when they’re ready for it to stop. This will create a sense of trust and openness in the relationship that can enhance the sensations during cunnilingus. And don’t forget to ask them what they want! Different people have different tastes and preferences, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

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Doggy Style

Licking a woman’s ass isn’t going to turn her on by itself. But if you add a little sexual kink to the mix, you can make the experience really intense. For example, try using a small vibrator to stimulate her anus and vagina. Larger wand vibrators are also perfect for doggy style because they can fit between the two bodies. Having the option to lick, stroke, and vibrate her anal area is sure to make it a kinky treat that is hard to forget!

Another kinky way to spice up ass licking is to “gild the lily.” A simple, yet mouth-watering, approach is to run your teeth around her anus. This feels UNBELIEVABLY good and can turn ass licking into something that is almost as satisfying as cunnilingus or a blowjob.

If you want to ramp up the kinky factor even more, use plenty of lube and start fingering her clitoris. This will make her super relaxed and ready to cum, which is exactly what you want!

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Butt Toys

Whether you call it a rim job, licking the ass, eating booty or motorbutting, there’s something deeply satisfying about having your partner’s tongue explore your rear end. Anal play is one of the kinkiest, taboo and most intense sexual practices that’s out there, so don’t be afraid to turn up the heat between the sheets with an anal toy or two.

Butt plugs and other butt-centric sex toys are becoming more popular, and for good reason. They’re an easy way for beginners to experiment with stimulating the backside and can even turn on a partner when they’re used in the right way.

Toy experts recommend starting with smaller plug options and working your way up in length and girth, depending on how comfortable you are with it. Also, be sure to use plenty of lube for comfort and to prevent friction or injury. When choosing a butt plug, make sure it’s body-safe and made of non-porous material like silicone (which is soft, flexible, hypoallergenic and antibacterial), stainless steel or borosilicate glass, Deysach says.

You can also find anal dildos and vibrators that have flared bases that can be used for anal play, but most of those are best for more experienced users. For a more beginner-friendly option, try this kit from sex toy retailer Lovehoney, which comes with three different plug sizes and is weighted for a feeling of fullness.