Glass Sex Toys

How to Make a Sex Toy For Men

Men often need something that will reach places that a hand simply can’t. Luckily, there are many great homemade sex toys for men.

Always make sure to check toys of any kind for breaks, racks, pinch points or anything that could hurt you before use. And wash porous materials thoroughly before and after every use.

Sock-Glove Sandwich

A Fleshlight is one of the most popular toys on the market for male masturbation, but it can be expensive to purchase. Making a homemade version is much cheaper and also provides more control over the tightness and size of the device.

Start with a pair of socks and cut off the end so that you’re left with a pipe-like tube. Take the cuff of another pair of gloves and put it over the socks, creating a sock-glove-sock sandwich. Pull the cuff down over the folded ends of the socks and secure it with a rubber band.

Fold or roll a towel and put the glove in, leaving the “wrist” sticking out a bit. Once the glove is inside, roll the towel a few times and secure with rubber bands. Put the other glove on top, and then wrap the cuff of both pairs around the center to make sure that it’s nice and tight. Then, you’re ready to use your new, inexpensive DIY Fleshlight. Just be sure to use lube for added pleasure.

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Toothpaste Tube

Regular male sex toys can be expensive and bulky which makes them difficult to hide and store. Homemade sex toys for men are cheap, easy to make, and discreet. Moreover, they can be easily dismantled once they are no longer in use.

For this particular sex toy, you’ll need a sports bottle or disposable cup, a cellulose sponge, and a rubber glove (preferably latex). To begin, remove the cap from the plastic container and shave off any unnecessary edges with a razor blade. Next, line the inside of the container with a layer of the cellulose sponges, overlapping them for texture and shape. Finally, add a layer of the rubber glove and close with a rubber band to secure everything in place.

Take the toothpaste tube and put it inside the rubber glove, making sure that the cuff is overhanging the end of the towel. Then roll the towel and glove up, securing it with a rubber band on either end. This will create a cock-sized space inside the rolled-up towel. You can then play with it as you wish, applying lubricant as necessary.


Socks, once a simple bit of cloth to wear in your shoes, are now the base for a variety of fun DIY sex toys for men. These masturbators can be stuffed with hand lotion, lube or even ice to make them feel luscious. Depending on the material used to make them, they can also offer anal stimulation. This is one of the easiest sex toys for men to make and, when paired with a lickable lube, can be quite satisfying.

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You will need a pair of socks, a latex glove and a rubber band to make this DIY sex toy for men. First, lay one sock on top of the other with the glove in between. Place a rubber band around the bottom of the socks, then tuck it under the top one. Finally, wrap another sock around the sock-glove sandwich and viola!

This is similar to the towel-based version but it is easier to adjust for tightness. Plus, it feels a little more like a Fleshlight since the glove is inside of the sponges.

Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are a staple in hospitals and many other environments. They are made of natural rubber and are incredibly stretchy. This makes them a great material for sex toys. They are also relatively inexpensive.

To make your own DIY Fleshlight, take a pair of medical gloves and turn them into a climax toy. Start by tying the pinky and thumb into knots. Next, turn the glove inside out and place it on top of a pair of socks with a couple of inches of open-wrist space at the top edge. Tuck the socks in and use a rubber band to hold everything together. Squirt in some lube and enjoy!

This DIY toy is easy to make and doesn’t cost a lot. It also has a unique feel. If you have a latex allergy, substitute the glove with a large-sized condom or even a Pringles can or other cylindrical object. Then add some textured material like a sock or plastic party balloon to give it a little extra sensation. If you want to make it more durable, try adding some duct tape to the outer edges.

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Fruits and Vegetables

There are lots of male masturbation toys that are available to buy online and in stores, including Fleshlights. These adult toys are super realistic and can deliver amazing sensations to the vagina and penis. However, they can also be quite expensive and they’re large in size which makes them difficult to hide and store.

One great alternative is a DIY Fleshlight toy, which can be made at home using simple household items. For example, a Pringles can can be used as a masturbation vessel, or a foam pool noodle can be molded into a kind of pocket pussy (see this video by YouTuber Jokestrap Sexy Time).

Vegetables like cucumbers, carrots and zucchini are excellent penetration materials that eliminate the need for lubricant. Just make sure that these homemade toys are thoroughly cleaned after each use to avoid bacterial infections and other unpleasant side effects. Moreover, it’s always a good idea to wear latex gloves when handling sex toys for men at home, as they will provide extra protection and comfort. Also, it’s best to avoid using anything that is rough-textured or sharp and always use plenty of lube when exploring your body with homemade sex toys for men.