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How to Remove a Butt Plug

Just like with insertion, it’s important to take your time when removing a butt plug. This will help prevent any injuries to the delicate anal area.

Start by lubricating your anus and body with plenty of sexy anal lube. You can also use a sex toy or licking the anus until it feels good.

Take Your Time

If you’re going to play with a butt plug, it’s important that you take your time – not just when inserting it but also when pulling it out. Pulling too hard or quickly can damage the delicate skin of your anal canal. If you’re not careful, you might even tear the insides of your anus.

A few things to keep in mind:

First, make sure that you use plenty of lubrication when using the plug. You can buy butt plug lubricants, or you can use your favorite anal lubricant. Whatever you choose to use, be sure that it is free of phthalates (which the EPA has deemed as possible human carcinogens) – This section is authored by the website’s editor

Then, slowly and gently insert the plug. Most experts recommend that you start at the widest part of the plug, and only move to the narrower end once you’re comfortable with it. You can also choose a plug that has a flared base to prevent your anus from accidentally swallowing it.

It’s also a good idea to preheat your plug. This will help relax your sphincter muscles during insertion. Finally, remember that you’ll have to repeat this process every time you want to wear the plug. This is because your anus is a muscle, and it takes time to stretch and adjust to different toys. The longer you keep a butt plug in, the more difficult it will be to remove it.

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Don’t Overestimate Your Butt

Getting a butt plug stuck in the anal canal can be quite painful. A person may need to have a medical professional remove the sex toy from their anus. It can also cause serious infection if the toy is not properly cleaned after use.

To avoid this, a person should use plenty of anal lubricant and make sure the plug is not too big. A person should also not wear a butt plug for more than three hours at a time. In addition, a person should choose a plug with a flared base to prevent the anus from swallowing the sphincter toy.

If a butt plug keeps falling out of the anus, it is likely that the person is using too much lubricant. This can cause irritated skin, as well as dryness. If a person continues to have this problem, they should try a different type of lubricant or find a different shape for their plug.

If a person is nervous about inserting or removing their butt plug, they should take the time to warm up by stroking their anal opening with their finger. This will help them to relax and increase the chances of success. A person should also remember to reapply lubricant as needed. It is important to remember this as water based lubricants can get absorbed into the body quickly.

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Be Relaxed

Unlike the vagina, which signals its readiness for insertion by secreting its own endogenous lubrication, the rectum is not self-sufficient in this regard. This is why using plenty of lubricant is so important with butt plugs.

To help prepare the canal and make insertion easier, start by stroking it gently with your fingers. This will activate the parasympathetic nervous system, promote relaxation, and decrease that lower abdominal pressure, which can often be a barrier to inserting a butt plug. It will also loosen and stretch the muscles of the anal canal, making it easier for the plug to slide in.

After a few minutes of stroking, you should be ready to try out your new toy. Ensure that the plug is fully lubricated, and take your time as you insert it. You don’t want to shock the sphincter by moving too quickly, and you could also bruise or tear the delicate skin in this area.

After the plug is inside, some people like to gently twirl it around. This can be a fun way to play with the toy, but it isn’t necessary for most users. Others like to use their butt plug to have intercourse, or simply to spank themselves with it. This is a particularly effective technique for stretching out the anal muscles so that they can have comfortable anal sex, and it can also be quite enjoyable in its own right.

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Be Careful With Your Hands

When it comes to anal play, hygiene is crucial. If you’re going to be using a butt plug, especially one that is a little bit elongated, make sure that you’ve rinsed it thoroughly with plenty of water before and after you use it. This will help to get rid of any faecal matter that may be on the surface of the toy and also prevent your hands from getting dirty while you’re handling it.

The same goes for other sex toys and tools that you might be using in the area. Be careful not to get any lube on your hands as you’re playing with these types of tools. This can cause painful chafing and even permanent damage to your anal canal, so always wash your hands immediately after use.

You can even use a disinfectant like rubbing alcohol to clean the toy before and after each session. Be sure to scrub it for a good 30 seconds or so to be certain that you’re washing all of the nooks and crannies.

Wearing butt plugs for extended periods of time is becoming more common, but it’s important to remember that the rectum is far more sensitive than the vagina. This is why it’s important to take things slow and to pay attention to your body’s signals. In addition to that, it’s a good idea to only use sex toys that have been sterilized. This can be done by boiling, but it’s only effective on silicone, glass and metal toys.