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How to Use Lovense Lush 3

Lush 3 is an egg-shaped vibrator designed for G-spot stimulation. It features a powerful rumbly vibration and can be synced with music or downloaded patterns. It also comes with a lubrication tube and a lint-free storage bag.

The new 2021 edition has improved battery life, a quieter vibration, and more options. It’s also easy to clean and discreet, making it perfect for public play.

Remote control

The Lovense Lush 3 is an insertable vibrator that’s designed for hands-free fun. Its impressive technology lets you and your partner play whether you’re in the same room or across the world. It has numerous functions and can be controlled via the free Lovense Remote app. It can even sync with music and respond to external sounds.

The Lush 3 has an improved motor than its predecessor and is capable of producing intense vibrations and orgasm. It also has a redesigned tail, which enhances the experience and feels more powerful. In addition, it has a longer battery life of up to 290 minutes. It is available in one color and made of body-safe silicone for both partners’ comfort.

To connect to your sex toy, first launch the free Lovense Remote app on your phone, pad, desktop or Apple Watch. Then click the link button and wait for 10 seconds to get connected. After that, your device will detect the toy and start working in less than a second.

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Next, choose from seven pre-programmed vibration patterns, including pulses, waves, fireworks and earthquakes. You can also create your own custom patterns to surprise your partner. The app also allows you to make the toy vibrate in sync with downloadable music or even streaming services. It can also respond to your or your partner’s voice and sounds.

Music mode

With Music mode, you can sync the Lush 3 with downloadable songs on your phone or streaming services like Spotify. The vibrations will activate in response to the rhythm of the song. You can also choose to have it respond to any sound, including your or your partner’s voice. This feature is perfect for waking yourself up with a rumble or toy your partner with a song you both love.

To enable this mode, log in to your lush app and click the left top menu and find “Music” sub-menu. Then select a track and it will control your toy’s vibration according to the frequency and pitch of the music, you can choose Single, Loop or Shuffle. You can also use the music mode when watching videos on your phone, you just have to make sure you don’t lock your phone or it will continue to vibrate even after you close the app.

The Lush 3 has many modes for all kinds of scenarios, and you can even customize your own patterns to match the vibes you’re feeling. You can also save them to a playlist for instant access later. In addition, the Lush 3 has a variety of alarms to wake you up with a powerful rumble or set to wake you up at your preferred time.

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Long-distance play

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, then you’ll love the long-distance play option on Lush 3. This is where you can control your partner’s toy from the app. You can even video chat with them while you play. Cam models report an upsurge in tips when using this feature, so it’s worth it if you want to get extra bang for your buck!

You can also use Lush 3 for anal stimulation. Just make sure to clean it properly before you do so, though. You don’t want to risk getting an infection. Also, it’s best not to insert the toy through the anus since your anatomy naturally pushes things out. However, you can enjoy the toy by holding it by its narrow end and placing its wider part lightly above sensitive areas like your clitoris and nipples.

The Lush 3’s motor is in the part that goes in your vagina, but the tail and tip of the toy do vibrate slightly as well. They aren’t powerful enough to stimulate anal areas, but you can feel the vibration patterns through them. Some people find pleasure in stroking the tail and the tip of the toy, but it’s important not to hurt yourself. Also, the tip of the toy has a slight slant, which is great for clitoral stimulation.

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App control

When it comes to a long-distance vibrator, Lovense has definitely stepped up its game with Lush 3. The third edition of the ultra-soft silicone sex toy is smoother, softer, and more comfortable than before. Its new redesigned antenna also helps the toy lie flat on the clitoris for better connectivity. It also features a new vibration pattern customization that lets you loop patterns together for endless fun. You can even sync the vibrations to a downloadable song or streaming service.

Like its predecessor, the Lush 3 has two ways to be controlled: manually or with the free Lovense app. Manual use requires you to press the toy’s single button. It cycles through three steady levels and four preset vibration patterns. It can be used alone or with your partner. The toy is whisper-quiet and discreet, so it can be used in public without annoying others.

The Lovense remote app allows you to connect to your Lush 3 in less than ten seconds. The app automatically recognizes your toy and pairs with it. You can then access a variety of settings that give you a more intimate experience. For example, you can create and save up to 4 different patterns, share them with other users, or browse and download predesigned patterns from the community. You can also sync the toy to music, set alarms, and vibrate along with your partner’s voice.