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Edibles For Arousal

When choosing edibles for arousal, choose products made with high-quality ingredients and strains. Look for gummies that have been third-party lab tested and certified as free of pesticides, herbicides, mold,…

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What is a Sperm Donor?

Whether you’re in a heterosexual or same-sex relationship, having a baby with donated sperm can be an option. Donors must be CMV (cytomegalovirus) negative, per FDA guidelines. Using donor sperm…

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How Much Sperm is Used For IUI?

IUI is a procedure that involves threading a thin catheter (thin tube) through the cervix and injecting washed sperm into the uterus. Sperm washing for IUI increases pregnancy rates by…

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Nausea During Arousal

Feeling queasy after sex isn’t something that’s commonly talked about, but it can be an uncomfortable and unwelcome symptom. Nausea during arousal can be caused by both physical and psychological…

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Arousal Oil Review

Arousal oil is a topical clitoral stimulant for women. It uses natural botanical ingredients, like sweet almond oil and cinnamon extract, to increase sensation around the clitoris, without menthol, vaso-dilators,…

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Female Arousal Gel

Designed to stimulate the clitoral hood, this gel can be massaged into sensitive areas, including foreplay. It increases the delivery of oxygen and blood flow to the area, stimulating sensations…

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