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Why Can’t Gingers Donate Sperm?

Red-haired Australians are fighting back against rumours they’re a dying breed. But they need to fight even harder to keep sperm banks on board with their flame-haired donations. Denmark’s Cryos…

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Fertility and Menopause Myths

Women who are trying to conceive can encounter lots of misconceptions about fertility and menopause. Unfortunately, these myths can lead to confusion and needless anxiety for patients who are trying…

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What Does Arousal Mean?

Arousal is a state of physiological activation or cortical responsiveness. It involves activation of fibers from the reticular activating system and leads to an elevated heart rate, blood pressure, sensory…

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Is Arousal Fluid Stretchy?

The consistency of cervical fluid changes throughout the female menstrual cycle. It usually feels watery and has a slippery texture when pressed between the fingers. It is designed to sustain…

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