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Pressure Points For Female Arousal

Sexual arousal seems to be a very individual thing, but there are a few pressure points that can help all women reach orgasm. Gently rubbing and massaging these secret spots can make for some seriously pleasurable foreplay and boost sexy satisfaction.

The stomach 30 (ST30) point works well for everyone, because it’s near a major artery and therefore stimulates healthy circulation.

Yongquan or KD-1

On the bottom of the foot, about an inch below the depression formed by your big toe. This point descends energy, so it’s great for reducing headaches (including migraines) and gastroperesis (acid reflux). It also supports the Kidney meridian which stores your Essence, so it can help with fears and anxieties.

It can be found by pressing along the bottom of your foot until you feel a depression just below your big toe. This is the location of Yongquan, which you can massage for about 20-30 seconds with a loving intention.

It’s a good idea to massage this point after qi gong or energy healing sessions and before going to bed as it can help ground your energy. It can be used to treat anxiety, palpitations, memory loss and irritability. It also relieves menstrual pain, nausea and indigestion. It is thought that the pressure on this point can prevent gastrointestinal nausea and vomiting during surgery. It also helps to treat ovarian cysts and fibroids, menopausal symptoms and uterine fibroids. It can also help with edema, swelling of the ankles and feet, fatigue and weakness, insomnia and chronic sore throat.

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Ren 6 or Qi Hai

Located on the anterior median line of the abdomen, 1.5 cun below the umbilicus. Also known as CV 6 or Qi Hai, this is a strong point for promoting the flow of qi and harmonising blood. It is particularly useful for restoring the vitality of the kidneys and rescuing collapse of yang, as well as tonifying the original qi and treating uterus prolapse. It is also a useful point for addressing fatigue and weakness in general, especially when combined with moxibustion.

Traditionally, Ren 6 is called the ‘Dantian’ – or the point of origin – of the body’s energy and has many actions including: fostering original qi; tonifying qi; strengthening the kidneys; fortifying yang; resolving peptic ulcers; relieving heavy bleeding.

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Because it has a very strong action, you need to be careful how and when you use this point. Often in young, healthy people it can be very effective to use this point for fatigue and weakness – however, in older patients the point is likely to have too much impact on their already depleted qi.

Cheng Fu

Cheng Fu, son of Yang Lu Chan and an inner student of Yang Cheng-fu, created a shortened form that has become a standard for the Yang style (and overwhelmingly in the public imagination for T’ai Chi Ch’uan). He removed eighteen movements from the original Yang form including “Needle at Sea Bottom,” Fan Through Back, Turn and Chop with Fist, High Pat on Horse, Strike Both Ears with Fists, Bending Wrist as Arms Descend, Parting the Horse’s Mane, Horizontal Single Whip,” and others. These movements emphasize large frame postures with expansive movement in stepping and large circular motions in the arms. In addition, they are smooth and evenly paced. These features have facilitated the widespread popularity of his form and of the Yang style in general.

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Gongsun or SP-4

Gongsun or SP-4 is the luo-connecting point of the Spleen Channel and one of its confluent points with the Chong Mai. It regulates this vessel and can help to stop bleeding there, including menstrual or uterus bleeding. It also strengthens the function of the Spleen and Stomach so it’s helpful for stomach pain, vomiting, borborygmus or abdominal distension, diarrhea or dysentery.

It’s also an important point for the Heart as it opens the Heart orifice and calms the Mind by clearing agitated Qi. It also helps to regulate the blood and stop any accumulated cold, which is useful for people with spleen or kidney deficiency.

A recent study showed that electroacupuncture at PC6 and Gongsun significantly improved functional dyspepsia without causing side effects compared to the drug mosapride, which was a standard of care. They also found that the combination of the two points was more effective than mosapride alone in regulating EGG dominant frequency and slow wave frequency.