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What Does the Bible Say About Arousal?

Girls and guys are stimulated sexually by touch, petting, and what they see. The Bible warns against stimulating these powerful sexual desires outside of marriage. It also calls us to flee youthful lusts.

Pornography is an extremely harmful practice that should not be ignored by Christians. However, there are ways to avoid it without compromising the Gospel.

Sex is a gift from God

As Christians, we should not avoid sex but should enjoy it as the gift that God has given us. It is a natural part of human beings and can strengthen marriages and invigorate life. However, sexual desire must be directed properly. Otherwise, it can become a destructive force.

The Bible is clear that the powerful desires and passions associated with sexual attraction can be satisfied legitimately within the context of marriage. Outside of this, they can lead to fornication and other sins. It is also important to recognize that God created sexual attraction, including nonstandard sexual desires and pleasures.

Moreover, the Bible teaches that spiritual sex is not limited to physical sensations of pleasure and genital orgasms. It is about a deeper connection with the Creator, and it involves heightened awareness, extraordinary inspiration, and a sense of merging with the life force. In addition, sex is not just about procreation; it is about loving and cherishing one another. This is the message of the Song of Solomon. It is a beautiful book that celebrates physical intimacy and sexual attraction.

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Sex is a means of reproduction

Sexual desire is one of the most basic and fundamental human needs. It allows people to reproduce and create new life. However, if these powerful desires are stimulated outside the context of marriage, they may lead to sexual immorality. The Bible warns against this, and encourages physical pleasure within the context of a committed marital relationship.

Despite its obvious function, the evolution of sex remains one of biology’s biggest mysteries. Most evolutionary biologists believe that sex evolved to produce genetic variation, which is essential for evolution. This variation allows species to adapt to changing environments and competition with other organisms.

Semen containing sperm cells is produced by a man’s body, and the woman’s body produces an egg cell called a ovum. These ovum and sperm are then fertilized during sexual intercourse. The result is a diploid offspring. A sexually produced offspring is more likely to survive and reproduce, than an asexual offspring.

Sex is a means of expression

Sex is a means of expression, and this is what many people mean when they talk about “sexual desire.” The Bible acknowledges that sexual attraction exists between men and women, but it also discourages sexual immorality. In the Bible, sexual arousal is described as an urge to satisfy a man’s physical needs. It is a natural part of human biology. This is why the Bible warns against stimulating a person’s lust outside of marriage.

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The biblical command to flee youthful lusts applies not only to sexual temptations, but also to other kinds of temptation. For example, a woman who looks at her husband to arouse lust is guilty of adultery. The Bible also warns against watching pornographic movies. This is a serious sin that can damage young people.

Sexual arousal can be a form of artistic expression, as the ruins of Pompeii in AD 79 reveal. The ancient Roman city was destroyed by a volcanic eruption, and it contained two-story brothels with erotic wall paintings. Moreover, a biblical scholar has pointed out that the word porn is derived from the Greek words for hornet and graphe.

Sex is a means of building the fires of sexual passion

The sexual desires that God created are not wrong, but they can be turned into sin if used with the wrong person at the wrong time. It is not a good idea to stimulate these powerful desires outside of marriage. To do so is to risk the possibility of fornication, which is one of the worst sins that young people can be involved in.

Sexual temptation can be a difficult thing to avoid because it often comes unannounced and without warning. It may be triggered by an event or by thinking about a particular person. It is important to resist these temptations, but it is also helpful to find ways to channel them into more productive activities. For example, a good night’s sleep can help you resist the urge to indulge in sexual temptation.

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In addition, when you feel these feelings of desire in your body, try to experience them as “empty” of meaning, stories, and cause and effect. That way, it will be easier to move the energy through your system and diffuse it.

Sex is a sin

The Bible encourages sexual desire, but it also points to marriage as the goal. In the context of a committed marital relationship, sex can be delightful and satisfying, but outside of that, it is sinful. God created sex to be relational, and it is sinful to engage in it with animals, computer screens, dolls, or robots. The reason is that they are not people, and sex cannot be a relationship with an inanimate object.

For this reason, the Bible warns against any stimuli that could cause lust. In addition to avoiding visual triggers, the Bible says, “Flee youthful lusts” (2 Timothy 2:22). This means not even thinking about sex while you sleep. Moreover, the more you believe that you are pure in Christ and that your body is not your own, the easier it will be to resist sexual temptation. This will help you stay afloat in the storm of sexual temptation. It is important to remember that the storms of temptation will pass. Eventually, the sun will come out, and you will be glad you walked through the dark valley.