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Why Do Men Like When Women Squirt?

Squirting, the colloquial term for female ejaculation, has exploded on pornographic websites. It is now the 11th most popular category on Pornhub.

While it’s not pee, the fluid that is expelled from women during an orgasm does contain some of the same chemical components found in urine. This makes squirting very hot for some men.

1. It’s a sign of arousal

For women, squirting shows that they’re in the mood for sexual pleasure and aren’t afraid to express it. It’s also a sign of trust and vulnerability that can be a huge turn-on for men. If you want to see your partner squirt, start with a lot of foreplay and gently stimulate their clit with your fingers or a sex toy. Stimulate their G-spot as well and apply some pressure.

Squirting doesn’t always mean that she’s orgasming at the same time, but it does usually feel orgasmic. During squirting, there’s often an intense feeling of warmth and a liberating loss of control. It can also feel a bit like peeing, even though we know now that the squirted fluid is clear and doesn’t stain bedclothes.

When a woman feels orgasmic, the blood flow to her vagina increases and pushes fluid to the surface of her vulva, creating the sensation of getting wet. This is why squirting can be so satisfying for both partners.

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If you’ve never squirted before, it may feel like your bladder is about to explode and that’s why it’s important not to tense up as much as possible. People who have squirted say the key is to let go of your pelvic muscles, similar to how you might relax on a roller coaster ride. It’s also helpful to engage in a ton of foreplay and let the anticipation build.

2. It’s a sign of trust

While it’s not clear how many women can squirt (because scientific studies haven’t been able to distinguish it), most men who have experienced it agree that it’s a definite turn-on. They think that it’s a sign that she trusts him enough to let go and give him what he wants. This can make him feel very special and loved.

It’s also a good way for her to show him that she’s aroused and ready to have sex. Squirting doesn’t always mean that she’s orgasming at the same time, but they often do go hand in hand.

Many women worry that they’ll never squirt because they’re embarrassed or don’t have the right gear. However, most experts agree that squirting isn’t something that can be forced. It’s a natural, intimate, and amazing part of sex and everyone has to do it their own way.

To get a woman to squirt, try a lot of foreplay and don’t be afraid to massage her clit with your lips or hands. Stimulating her G-spot with your fingers or a toy can help her squirt even more. If she’s still reluctant to squirt, don’t be pushy about it. It’s more important to focus on her pleasure than your own ego. That’s the best way to build intimacy and trust in a relationship. It’s also important to remember that squirting doesn’t always lead to orgasms, and that’s perfectly fine.

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3. It’s a sign of intimacy

For men, seeing their woman squirt can be a deeply intimate experience. It shows that she is in a vulnerable, sexual position and that she trusts him. This kind of intimacy can make a relationship stronger. It also makes him feel like he is doing something to please her, which can increase his feelings of sexual satisfaction.

In fact, many guys say that making their woman squirt is one of their greatest sexual achievements. It can be very satisfying to see her soak up his bedsheets in a wet mess of ejaculation. However, it is important to remember that squirting is not the same as having an orgasm. In fact, women usually squirt independently of orgasm. Rather, it is more of a feeling of a profoundly satisfying letting go and a total body relaxation release.

For this reason, some women prefer to squirt during masturbation instead of during sex. This way, they can focus on their G-spot and control how much fluid they expel. Some women may squirt only a few drops while others can gush nearly a cup of fluid.

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4. It’s a sign of love

Men like squirting because it can be an indicator of sexual satisfaction. It also shows that a woman is comfortable and confident with her body, which can be a big turn on for men. Additionally, squirting can be seen as proof of an orgasm, which can help to satisfy the egos of sexual partners.

Squirting can be a bit intimidating for women, as they may feel embarrassed about it. However, sex experts have found that most women who initially felt ashamed about squirting have been able to overcome this feeling after learning more about it, hearing about other women’s experiences, or receiving positive feedback from their sexual partners.

As for the fluid that is squirted out, researchers have found that it is often clear in color and does not smell or taste like pee. In fact, it is sometimes described as sweet or having a flavor similar to chicken. In addition, the fluid can also lubricate the vulva and increase orgasms during sex.

Squirting can be triggered by manually stimulating the G-spot and urethral sponge or through clitoral play. However, every person is different and the squirting response may vary from one person to the next. Therefore, it is important to experiment with different methods of squirting and to listen to both verbal and non-verbal physical cues from a partner in order to find what works best for each individual.